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Counselling is a regular time where you can focus on yourself without any intrusion. It's a safe and confidential space for discovering and understanding what is causing you to feel unhappy or dissatisfied in your life. It's a place where you can be with another person who is not involved in your daily life and relationships and has no agenda other than finding out what you need. It's rare in this world to find a space where you can know that you will not be expected to do or deliver anything. The pressures of modern life can create anxiety and depression, and it can become overwhelming to keep going. 


Counselling is where you can give up trying and take the time for yourself. If you are feeling lost and without purpose and meaning, the sessions can help you rediscover what matters to you.

Learning to understand why you feel the way you do way you is an immensely rewarding experience and a great relief. There may be psychological and emotional trauma under the surface that is at the core of your difficulties in dealing with your relationships, your job and yourself. This trauma may be caused by an isolated event or from from recurring experiences from the past. Behavioural coping mechanisms, such OCD, intrusive thoughts, health anxiety, and internet/gaming addiction, can be attempts to soothe this original distress. I can work with you to find a healthier way of being and expressing yourself.


The sessions last for 50 minutes and are either at my practice in Battersea or online. Please contact me to arrange a session or find out more.

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