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Drug Addiction

Using drugs may have started out as being part of having a good time with peers and friends. It didn't interfere with your work life or home life. Perhaps its was something you began at university or as a young adult. You could describe it as "recreational" and no big deal. 

However if you are now using when you don't want to, or feel you have lost the power of choice, drug addiction counselling can help. If the amount of drugs you take has increased and the effects decreased and you are unable to stop, you may have become dependent.

The desire to recapture the highs of the past, not wanting to acknowledge the fun has gone, can leave you feeling depressed and frightened and in a cycle of using. The wasted money and time, alongside the guilt and shame around family and friends, can feel overwhelming. 

I can help you face your problem with drugs and begin to get your life back.


Some signs that you may have an addiction to drugs:

  • You find it difficult to stop once you have started using.

  • You have taken time off work due to your using.

  • You experience cravings and find life boring or too difficult without it.

  • You sometimes can't remember what happened while you were using drugs.

  • You experience guilt, anxiety and remorse after using drugs.

  • You can't imagine life without using drugs.

  • You want to be able to use "normally" and keep trying to and failing.

  • You use in the morning to get through the day.

  • You are spending all your money and are getting into debt to support your using.

This by no means a definitive list but if you identify with some, or one or two, please do contact me and we can discuss further. For drug addiction help, give me a call or feel free to ask a question. 

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