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Love Addiction

Most people have experienced heartbreak, it's part of growing up. We all remember our first love, however if your first heartbreak, crush or rejection seems like just the beginning of your romantic suffering then you may be dealing with Love Addiction.

If you find yourself experiencing intense feelings of jealousy, anxiety and obsession with betrayal when you are in a relationship, you may be a love addict. Love Addiction can occur in a romantic relationship or with someone you want to be in a relationship with.

Love Avoidants may avoid fear of rejection or abandonment by avoiding relationships all together and having crushes and or fantasises about people who are unavailable. Relationship addicts are addicted to the painful part of love.

If you experience crushes or fantasies about people that seriously distract you and stop you from being intimate with your partner you are not a "bad" or callous person, you may be a love addict and facing love addiction is something I can help with.

If you "always fall for the wrong person" or become overly dependent in a very short time, you may be a relationship addict. Feeling overwhelmed by someone else can be confusing. We are taught that you "fall head over heels in love", so if you  feel like you can't eat, sleep or stop thinking about someone when you are apart, isn't this just real deep love? Addiction to a person or to feeling "in love" is different to loving someone. Counselling can help you learn to love without hurting yourself. It is possible to have intimate loving relationships and also find peace and happiness if you are alone.  


Some signs that you may be a love/relationship addict:

  • Do you tend to have relationships with people who are emotionally unavailable?

  • Do you have difficulty in maintaining intimacy in a relationship?

  • Do you stay in painful or destructive relationships?

  • Do you go from one relationship to another?

  • Do you avoid all relationships to stay safe?

  • Do you become preoccupied with your partner and experience possessiveness or insecurities?

  • Do you feel abandoned and dependent on your partner and fearful of rejection?

  • Do you feel suffocated and overwhelmed by your relationship?

  • Do you focus all of your attention on your partner and neglect your own interests, friends?

This by no means a definitive list but if you identify with some, or one or two, please do contact me and we can discuss love addiction treatment further.


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